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Well, yet another find raising shin dig will be happening virtually this year but if last years Hats and Horses event can repeat what it did for the Pioneer Resources organization of Muskegon, things should be ok.  We've seen quite a few of these typical congregate gatherings have to be held over a series of weeks or online for an evening and they are proof time and time again that when there's a need Muskegon fills it.


Pioneer Resources from their website has a mission statement - ""Our mission is to help people with disabilities and seniors attain independence and dignity by creating opportunities for participation in the community. We help people in pursuit of: a place to live: affordable housing and specialized homes, a place to learn: vocational training and community living supports programs, a way to get there: transportation services, and a place to grow and play: camping, recreation and ABA Therapy programs."  In other words they remove the barriers others see when they come along someone who's just a little different than they are physically or mentally.  It's inclusiveness that goes so much further than the busses you see around town getting people to and from where they need to be. hats and horses logoGet to Biddin

Jill Bonthuis and Monica Turnbull join Andy O today to talk about this historical organization and how you can participate in the fundraising online this year. Take a listen for now and find the links below.









Not only is this a great way to help people out who are truly making a difference in the lives of others, if you get a little involved yourself you will find rewards beyond your wildest imagination.  As we referenced in the video, we have a young man on staff with us at the Muskegon Channel who records the intro's for all of our live shows.  We've also worked on a number of other voice roles for him and he's absolutely. a pleasure to work with, eager to learn and has become a dear friend to us all.  To learn more about Pioneer Resources, please click on their logo below and see just how far they go to help those in Muskegon to live an incredible an independent life as possible.  


PioneerResourcesLogo 1