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By now, you know that LaKisha Harris is a master of most everything in the kitchen including how to repurpose leftovers and make them into delicious and incredible dishes the family won't complain about having a second night in a row....because they won't even know they are eating leftovers after today's lesson!  LaKisha is in the kitchen at L'Soul Filled Eatery today showing you how to take a handful of left over ingredients, including dessert stuff and turn them into delicious "egg rolls" that don't have to be your traditional sense of what to expect when it comes to an egg roll.



As you can see, there's not a whole lot to it and there's also not a whole lot of complication to go into what LaKisha is making. Not to mention the incredible amount of food you can keep from going to waste with a little repurposing and repackaging.  Plus, you can flavor things up just the way you like as you prepare the stuffing, fry the egg roll wrapper to the texture you like and you can even come off looking like the rock star at your next party or gathering by presenting these delicious artisan egg rolls that are a snap to make!  You'll find the recipe at the bottom and of course, don't forget to stop into the Mecca of all things Soul Filled on Glade Street for the best food going down in town!  L'Soul Filled Eatery!  You'll find that linked too just below!

soull rolls


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