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It's been a never ending adaptation of pretty much everything as we've gone through the last year plus.  We've seen the best in some of us, and sometimes the circumstances have pushed us all to who we'd rather not be.  We've had things taken away, we've had things come along we didn't know we needed and as we continue the path to returning to what will be, we're starting to see that some of the things that unite us most carry on and find ways to make sure they continue on safely like the Mercy Health Seaway Run which will be happening in Muskegon in 52 short days.  Race Director Bryan Lambert joins me for a talk about the event.



For the adaptation, they are small asks and will be determined as we get closer to race date by Public Health in Muskegon County and of course all safety protocols will be followed strictly.  After all, this event is about being in a healthy environment and keeping a healthy body right?  Registration got underway back in January but of course there are plenty of people who might be waiting to see what was to come by way of orders from the state or local officials.  It's game on as of now and while last years virtual event was great and drew participation from all over the country because they could run anywhere, this year it's here and happening on the streets of the ever evolving and ever growing town we call home and that's a great thing.

One thing that this proves for sure?  We've preached it over and over.  It's the ability of the people in Muskegon to get things done.  Yes, there are still some obstacles in our way when it comes to some other of our larger events but the collaboration of Mercy Health, Public Health Muskegon County and The City of Muskegon have been months in the planning on finding a way to make this happen and it's that incredible never give up mentality that speaks volumes of who we are and how we manage together as a community.  It's a great source of pride for us to bring you this announcement today as it gives us a chance to once again say "look at what we can accomplish" or, if you prefer.... "Watch Us Go".

The transformation of Muskegon over the last 20 years or so has been amazing to watch and it's also been pretty incredible to watch the last year or so how this very community has banded together to help one or help a group.  With the Mercy Health Seaway Run celebrating it's 40th Anniversary we're tremendously excited and blessed to know that while we're still evolving, that grit, that drive and that determination has not lost an ounce of strength and only continues to amplify to the world what this community is about and the people in it. 

To get registered for the Mercy Health Seaway Run, click on the photo below and let's show the world how we can safely and completely shine when it comes to putting on one of the premiere events in the State of Michigan.  You can follow the Mercy Health Seaway run on INSTAGRAM.  You are encouraged to follow on FACEBOOK too as protocols and announcements will be coming over time.   

You've got 52 days to get ready!  Welcome to Muskegon and welcome to the Mercy Health Seaway Run.