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We're back at the Soul Filled Eatery on Glade Street in Muskegon Heights for and she's going to take a recipe that your mom used to make that took all day and get it done in a matter of minutes!  Soul Filled stuffed bell peppers is what we're talking about and the flavor and taste is as big and bold as ever!  Here we go!



Everything LaKisha makes is easy, delicious and gives you a chance to save a few bucks while making healthy and fun meals for the family!  If you find yourself in a pinch without much time to cook, her take out restaurant on Glade Street is always ready to take your order!  Her belief in togetherness through food is her inspiration and her desire to bring the classic Soul Filled taste to Muskegon and beyond is growing rapidly.  You can visit her website by clicking on her image below and of course, like all of LaKisha's incredible dishes, you'll find the recipe below too. 

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stuffed peppers 1