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All aboard!  The summer sets sail on the Aquastar with a Muskegon tradition and after 2020 where she sat in port all year, it's time to get back out and get on the water and ask for blessings for safety and fun.  The Muskegon treasure tour ship the Aquastar is ready to usher in the season with the Blessing of the Boats on May 30th at 12:45.  You even have a chance to win tickets by watching the video!


In 2019, we began a partnership with the cruise line where once a month we'd invite viewers to come out and let loose for a while as the ship tours Muskegon Lake, the Channel and then out to Lake Michigan a little if conditions warrant.  We were having a pretty good time doing too.  In the off season all the plans were set to repeat the parties, and then it happened.  We all sat home and the beautiful Aquastar sat in her berth.  In the late summer of the season, an attempt was made to try, but another wave of the virus hit and like pretty much anything else, it was over. fm mc cruiseTickets for Muskegon Channel Full Moon Cruises All Summer

Well, it's a new day.  While the month of June will see limited numbers on board, July 1st it's back to full tilt fun and the crew and water can't wait for ya.  All summer long different theme cruises are going on.  With every thing from steel drums to dj's and dancing.  Food, music, drink and fun...there really is no better way to enjoy a historic ship and the company of friends and family. 

The Blessing of the Boats is a fitting tradition for our water based community.  A giant boat parade follows the Aquastar out the channel for a washing of the lighthouse and then the onboard minister blesses each boat as they pass by on the return in the hopes of safe waters and successful recreation and fishing for all.  We're really excited to be a part of it. 

As mentioned above, in the video, there's a way that you can win some tickets.  Follow the instructions and we'll notify the winners early in the week.  Tanya Gonzales is in charge of the summer and organizing all the different cruises, take a listen and hear the excitement as "normal" returns on board Muskegon's on Aquastar in 2021. 


Let's get to it!  It's At this point a blessing from anyone anywhere is more than welcome.  Why not be a part of the tradition and fun?  There will be plenty of room for social distancing with the limited capacity early on, safety first is always a priority on the Aquastar.  It's going to be a great season of celebration as we return to normal and who else has an experience to offer like a ride on board such a unique and fun attraction?  For the full season of cruises and options, click on the logo below and we'll see you on the Aquastar soon!

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