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As we sat it out last year, and "it" meaning all of it, we were all given a chance to see just how important all of the extra added things we love in Muskegon meant to us.  Everything and everyone took a hit when it comes to the events that fill our hearts and our streets..and for some, our pocket books.  It's in the rearview for the most part now and getting back to the fun stuff....well, it's a welcome sigh of relief to everyone.


The Lakeshore Art Festival returns to Downtown Muskegon on June 26th and 27th and though all of the "sitting it out" came some new things that will only add to the fun of this incredible event for lovers of art, culture, food and fun.  Hey, up until this year there was never the option of the Downtown Social District where you could grab your favorite drink and stroll up and down Western Avenue enjoying the artisan and crafter market.  All we've been through too has given us a chance to enlarge the footprint of the festival as well with a little more space for elbow room and some social distancing while preserving the places like Hackley Park for the fine art area.  Lets add in the street performers, the Children's Lane, live music on multiple stages and of course just the chance to get out and be part of it all....2021's Lakeshore Art Festival can't get here soon enough.laf fb pageLakeshore Art Festival on Facebook

Authors Alley will be a hit among the literary fans showcasing authors from all over Michigan and the books they have written.  Another super cool thing that people can participate in is the interactive and community art which you can learn more about in our talk with Carla Flanders below.  She's the director of the event now being put on by the City of Muskegon.  Carla has been involved for years when she was with the Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce and when she transitioned back to her own CMF Marketing and Events it was a very easy role for her to step into and not only keep from missing a beat, but grow, develop and imagine!  Everything someone in the art world outta be doing!  We're really excited for Carla as well as the City of Muskegon to be able to partner up and make this happen!

There's a lot to learn about this years event and everything going on during it!  Take a listen to Carla in our visit and let's get ready to get back out and enjoy the blossoming Downtown which continued to grow while we were away. 








It's outdoors. It's a return to "normal" and it's gotten bigger and better with more to see and do over a bigger footprint.  We've got new pubs and eateries all open, we've got plenty of mobile back up coming for all the other tastes and it might just have to be mentioned that the Greek food wagon will be on hand too so if it's the traditional "meat on a stick" that draws you out to the festivals, come hungry!  One thing is for sure, Muskegon knows how to get it done better than anyone even after a one year pause and you are cordially invited to come and see it all Downtown Muskegon on June 26th and 27th!  To visit the Lakeshore Art Festival's website, please click on their logo below.

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