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We welcomed DP Comics and Collectables on with us as a sponsor here a while back.  DP Comics is both a brick and mortar store on Grand Haven Road in Norton Shores as well as an online retailer of all things super cool when it comes to comics and collectables.  Don has built a wonderful business out of sharing joy and passion for things that spark memories, bring fun and also bring people together to reminisce about days gone by.  At his shop location however, Don saw a really unique opportunity so with a little pixie dust and with the thought of adding in something that has gone by the way side, it was time to adjust the name of the physical place while maintaining the online name.


If you are out for an adventure, make a stop at the Grand Haven Road location now called Figures and Flix.  Why Figures and Flix?  Well, it's pretty simple.  Don has brought in a rather large group of DVD's to rent and they are really some awesome titles that you won't find anywhere else.  Maybe it's that hard to find "B" move you loved as a kid.  It might be one of those direct to video movies that cam out in the 80's that you can't find anymore or maybe it's a new release and you're not one for all the digital delivery of things on Prime or Netflix.  Well, you now have a place to rent video's again in Muskegon.  For a $1 for older movies and $3 for new releases, you won't be backing up the Brinks Truck for an evenings entertainment either.  At a quick glance when we were filming, I noticed a copy of "Red Dawn" on the shelf and yelled "Wolverine's".....it felt good. :)

Not to mention that a visit to Figures and Flix is more than just going to get a movie.  The movies come to life in the store with collectables, comics and chatter about all things pop culture.  You'll find a HUGE selection of comic books, amazing figurines from any genre of pop culture and of course, all of the updated info you can possibly imagine on what's to come and what's new and hot in collecting.  It really is a super cool store where being a "geek" over something is perfectly acceptable.

We met up to talk about the movies, the current market and what's new at Figures and Flix on Grand Haven Road, take a listen!


If you are a casual collector, a serious junkie when it comes to comics and pop culture or maybe just looking for a hard to find title of a movie from yester year, stop into Figures and Flix on Grand Haven Road across from Cinema Carousel and take a look.  Don is surviving and thriving by adding a little joy to the lives of the people who come to see him and bringing back memories and giving people a chance to share them with friends and family is all part of it.  It's a small shop, small business and we are really thankful that he's a part of our work here at the Muskegon Channel!  Click on the logo below to visit DP Comics online too!!  Special order?  Ask!