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The AMAZING Chef LaKisha Harris is back!  We kinda figured on our first meeting that we found us a rock star and we were right.  Not only has she gotten her restaurant on Glade Street in Muskegon Heights open for daily service, she's been a part of the advance of Taste of Muskegon again, she's got her catering business rollin' and if that's not enough, she's finding time to teach kids how food is prepared and what it takes to get a career in culinary arts going.  When we said we found a dynamo a little over a year ago, we have never been happier to be 100% correct-a-mundo on a subject!  This gal is on fire!


With all that, she's going to scale back on it for us in a surprising twist!  She could be doing mountains of delicious tasty intricate dishes like she does for the daily lunch and dinner crowd, but....simplicity and down right home cooked goodness is what you'll find today.  LaKisha is going to set sail on something most of us only heard about in the movies!  "Fried Green Tomatoes" was an incredibly touching movie from 1991.  If you've not seen it, do it.  It's a wonderful tale of an old restaurant way back when that made fried green tomatoes their specialty and the story builds around a woman recalling her life and times around it.  Some northern folks never even heard of the dish until the film came along and, at least one northerner never tried them until this segment was complete.  OMG!  Delicious!

LaKisha will walk you through the whole process from her beautiful kitchen where nothing but love and calories come out of on this episode of Cooking with L'Soul.  Learn how to make Fried Green Tomatoes!


The simplicity results in a shockingly tasty experience and a green tomato that might have to sit on the window sill for a while, is instantly edible and man.....are they good! Don't want to cook them yourself? Well, the good news is LaKisha often features them on the menu at Soul Filled Eatery so you outta stop by and get yourself a treat or at the next event you need a caterer for, get a hold of LaKisha and get them on your menu! You'll be so glad you did! You'll find links to her restaurant as well as the recipe for today's dish below! Enjoy!

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fried green tomatoes