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We are humbled, excited and honored all at once over this one!  We mainly focus on all things Muskegon by intent of course, but quietly we also know that we've got a little bigger audience than just our area and that's part of the plan.  We work daily to share more good things about our area and then once we find them, we utilize just about ever avenue we can find to amplify that message to a much wider audience so they too can hear the real story about who we are and why we are the truly incredible community we don't get enough credit for.  (Steps down off the soap box)


Well, a week or so ago, we were contacted by a Michigan born film maker named Robert Anderson.  Robert is from Flint, which in our mind is a plus one automatically because our of all the cities in Michigan that get an undue rap, there's one that gets it worse than us....Flint.  Robert couldn't really live out his life dreams of acting and film making outside of the "big cities" where such things happen, so he took off from all he knew to find his way in to the industry and has found some success on TV and in film.  You can see Bobby's full list of credits on his IMDB page by CLICKING HERE.  When the pandemic hit, even Hollywood ground to a halt and when there wasn't any work to do, Robert knew it was time to take the next step into his career and get to working for himself by creating a documentary about his real passion...ready?  Dog sledding!  You didn't see that one coming did you.

Robert and family grew up with a team of sled dogs and his perspective and love for this sport and lifestyle comes through in magnificent glory in the film "Heartprints in the Snow" which was filmed to a great degree right here in Michigan.  To the average person, we might look at dog sledding with a bit of a passive stance, however it's a remarkably deep and trusting relationship between man, and man's best friend that you'll see come to light in this documentary.  As Robert is quick to point out, a dog sled team performs because they want to, not because they are forced, and the team only performs out of love and gratitude for their musher.  As a young person, there were many sacrifices Robert had to make to maintain that relationship and care for that team and while he might not have been able to make every school dance or football game, his love for what drove him sustained him to a wealth of knowledge and understanding on how we are tied into the animal kingdom and how when nurtured, that partnership can be remarkably powerful. 

Muskegon is getting is own "Premiere" of this thanks to Robert who....you guessed it....spent many a Summer here on vacation with his family, and just happened upon us with a search.  Monday July 19th at 7pm on all of our platforms you will get your first look at the film.  We will have it on demand online, on our Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices as well as on our local Comcast Cable Channel 96 if you are a subscriber in the Muskegon area,  From the premiere, you will find the move playing on Channel 96 through out the week at different times TBD.  The movie will also remain on demand online and on the Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices so you can watch it any time that's good for you.

We spoke with Robert about the film and his passion.  Take a listen, then get ready to pop some corn and tune in!  We've got a premiere coming up for ya and we're just beyond excited! 


Imagine that? We're thankful and honored that Robert chose us to bring his project home to Michigan.  We're also pretty excited for you to see the whole film at the premiere time or anytime you like with all of the incredible ways we can deliver things to you now.  Is it 100% Muskegon?  Well, if you look at it in the right way....yes.  Muskegon left a great enough impression with film maker Robert Anderson that he sought us out and returned a gift to us.  We are just lucky enough to show it to you come Monday!  Our very best wishes to Robert and we hope to see your next project soon!

Watch the full documentary here