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It all seems surreal.  In 2015 we began with a small, free blog program and a GoPro.  That was even purchased 6 months same as cash as we didn't have a whole lot to begin with but we had a very large desire to reimagine the way that news about Muskegon was told and delivered for a couple of reasons.  One, the narrative was wrong.  What's often heard and seen about us is one sided and very negative.  Two, the reach we have with what's left of Muskegon broadcast reach and audience outside the county is drastically reduced and people can only "preach to the choir" so long.  Extending the message about who we are and how great of a community we live in really needs to get in the minds of those outside of it and it also needs to reaffirm to those who live here that they have value and their deeds are noticed.


With that, and our growth, others HAVE noticed.  So much so we've had a few of our regular contributors audition for cable network shows.  We've had one get a book deal and we've got on guy in college to be a broadcast meteorologist and soon, we'll have another upstart who wants in on media and entertainment coming to join us.  We like to think that we're not only offering a service the community needs, but our sponsors too and a chance for those who want to try broadcast a place to get started.  We were not however planning on the call from Robert Michael wondering if we'd premiere his movie.

Robert is from Flint and he set off to toward Hollywood to make his mark.  He's an actor, and this is his first endeavor into documentary film making.  He and his family grew up raising sled dogs and while they are a much more common site in Alaska and yes, they have been replaced by delivery trucks for the most part, dog sledding at one point saved an entire community that was stricken with a disease and the only way to get to them with the cure was by dogsled.  It was one of those things that was an essential service at one point and now, preserved by those who love the animals they care for and the relationship that is built between a team and a musher.

This film was primarily shot in Michigan during the pandemic and it's a loving look at what Robert gave up all of the "good times" in high school for and it's also a chance to be exposed to a legendary sport where only the strongest survive.

So, while it's 80 some odd degrees outside, let's cool it off a little and do a little dog sledding with the Muskegon Premiere of "Heartprints in the Snow" by Robert Michael here on the Muskegon Channel. 

Also Available on our ROKU and Fire TV Channel

Robert, this is a HUGE deal for us and we're so glad that your time in Muskegon as a boy coming with your parents to vacation left enough of an impression on you to Google us and ask us to help participate in the roll out of your film. Never did we expect Hollywood would see what we're up to, but I spose, with Michigan roots.... you can leave the state but the state doesn't leave you. Thanks for representing us so well and the sport you love too. The hope is everyone walks away with a new found appreciation for your sport and the overall beauty of "home". We hope that you come see us in your next visit here. Thank you all for watching and if you enjoyed the show, share it with friends so they can see too!