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Cooking is a family affair for LaKisha Harris.  It's been a point of discussion for her since day one with us here and her heritage and mentorship from her mom and grandmother come shining through in everything she makes and serves.  It's only natural that she'd be passing those secrets down too to her daughter Rheyma would be in on some of the cooking that goes on.  Actually, "Mini Soul" as she is often referred to in close circles is usually just off the camera trying to get a peek at what's being recorded or, she's been known to tell the camera guy to "stick around and help her momma with the dishes", which he's been known to do.


This week, it's something fun that you and YOUR kids can do together and share some of the cooking experience together like L'Soul and Mini Soul.  It's a simeple recipe for funnel cakes that everyone loves at a fair, but you might not always get at home.  It's an easy to do recipe and the toppings you can add on after are endless.  The only real concern here would be the actual frying of the batter.  Grease gets really hot, best to have adult supervision around at all times with this portion of the cooking.

With that, we'll let you see a mother and daughter doing what they do best and you might even get a visit from the kissing bandit toward the end.  Let's take a look at making Soul Filled Funnel Cakes on the Muskegon Channel.


A fun snack, a chance to bond with your kid and teach a little and some freedom to let them decorate as they see fit. Mini Soul went for the sugar overload, but you really can go with anything from pie filling to fresh fruit, to a drizzle or glaze or whatever you like. The recipe is below and the fun is to be had by you an yours! Don't forget to stop in to Soul Filled Eatery on Glade Street in Muskegon and enjoy all that's on the menu. It's still one of the hottest spots in town for the best stuff out there.  You can click on the Soul Filled logo below to visit the restaurant online and the recipe for the funnel cakes, right below that!  Enjoy!

soul filled


Soul Filled 5 Minute Funnel Cakes