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Been going on a while now.  This idea of doing something in Downtown Muskegon other than trying to cross the street in the dead of winter to get in to a hockey game.  Slowly but surely, we've seen the emergence of a vibrant and festive area where people can commune and enjoy the friendly surroundings of the bars, restaurants, Mercy Health Arena and new this year the VanDyke Mortgage Convention Center.  What was once an abandoned downtown with a couple of bars and a hotel is now a beating heart of an entre community and the streets have literally become a canvas to paint on when it comes to things to do to keep people occupied and engaged.


Sure, there was a teeny tiny little pause last year on pretty much everything in the world, but that was then and with the time it took to get things under control with the virus, people are so ready to get back out and get to doing what they love and to be among their family and friends to revel in the splendor of all that has changed in Downtown Muskegon.  Even just a look at the pictures of who's down there and what they are doing screams great things are happening.  The crowds are young, vibrant and all stopping in their tracks and saying "Wait a minute, THIS is Muskegon?"  Yes, it is. street logoFollow the Street Performers on Facebook

The focus remains on a variety of events for everyone Downtown.  August 6th, the Muskegon Street Performers return all up and down Western Avenue with a little something for everyone.  From balloon art for kids, to fiddlers and strings, belly dancers, comedy, guitars, yoga, break dancing and banjos, if you can't find something to keep you entertained, you are clearly the problem.  Add in the fact that all of this will be in the new social district so if you are inclined to sip on something from one of our local bars while strolling, that's a very welcome addition to the ideal of all of this going on.  Food will be available from all the brick and mortar shops as well as some street vendors on hand to make sure no one goes hungry and if that's still not enough.....well, it's all free.  Yes, Muskegon's favorite four letter word shines once again, you won't have to pay a penny for the stroll, however, the performers are working for tips so maybe pocket up a few bucks to toss into a guitar case of hat being passed around if you see one and help these incredibly talented people make a few bucks while they are enjoying their art.

Rachel Dody is the organizer of this event.  She and her team are ready and excited, and we sat down on the patio at Smash Wine Bar and Bistro to hear all about what's to come, take a listen.





Load up the old family truckster and come on down! Won't cost ya nothin! :) Seriously though, if it's been a while since you've taken a swing out to Muskegon for something, what better time than an event like this?  The entertainment is free, the look and feel of Downtown Muskegon is ELECTRIC and you can always wrap up the evening with a drive out by Pere Marquette to watch the sun set over Lake Michigan and let the kids drift off on the way home.  Should you find that they partook in a little too much sugar, well, there's a thing here called the Getty 4 Drive In.  Been putting kids to sleep since movies first came out.  Pack some PJ's and we'll see you August 6th in Downtown Muskegon.