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If that headline don't make your mouth water, um...."Houston, we have a problem."  We're back in the kitchen of the Soul Filled Eatery on Glade Street in Muskegon with Chef LaKisha Harris and you are in for an explosive taste treat today.  Brace yourself for breakfast, LaKisha is whipping up candied bacon and blueberry waffles.


Now, keep in mind, this is not exactly the kind of waffles you get out of the box, it's even beyond the Eggo stage of things.  LaKisha is making the waffles home made and she's showing you the secret to what goes into making candied bacon and presenting it all with a "compote" (which is a new word to me) to top it all off and leave you and your family begging for more.  It's a fairly simple recipe and following along with it is designed to be fun!  LaKisha will walk you through the steps and keep in mind, all this sharing....it comes from generations of sharing in her family.  She learned from her mom, her grandmother and the generations before them.  You're not only getting something great to eat and a companion from Lakisha, she's truly giving you a part of her family, in every dish.  Same goes for what she prepares at the Soul Filled Eatery and as her one year anniversary approaches, it' shows with her business growth and impact on the whole Muskegon Area.  

Put the bib on.  There's about to be some slobberin' going on as LaKisha Harris shows us some breakfast magic on the Muskegon Channel.  


Sunday breakfast is looking pretty good huh? You can find breakfast at Soul Filled Eatery on Glade Street on Friday and Saturday!  People are coming from all over Michigan to get in on the culinary explosion LaKisha got underway in Muskegon Heights and the boom is growing.  She's an inspiration to us all and has really been instrumental in helping others see that a dream can become a reality and the blood, sweat and tears that go in to it are worth it.  She continues to pour every ounce of herself into who she serves and our community as a whole, so stop on in and see her on Glade Street or the next time you're having a party or meeting and in need of a catering company, make her your call.  The recipe for the waffles, right below!

candied bacon waffles


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