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Ho Hum.  Well kinda.  We're all working our way back to normal and most everything we know and love is kinda coming back on line.  Yes, there are still a few of our biggest events that are "playing hurt" because a lot of what goes into planning and pulling off these big events were decisions that had to be made long before any restrictions were lifted and that left a lot of really incredible people in town who give of themselves to make these big events happen standing there with a LARGE gamble to make.  It's no place anyone wants to be having to wait yet again for something like Rockstock or the Michigan Irish Music Festival but the simple fact is that so many unknowns play into planning an event like this and the losses from a resurgence or the virus or, another round of crowd limits could ruin the events for good.  So, some have scaled back, some have had to wait.


One that's scaled back a little, but did have to go dark all through the Summer of 2020 was Parties in the Park held every Friday night at Hackley Park in Downtown Muskegon.  Normally it's an 8 week gathering spot and an AMAZING connecting place for anyone from the Muskegon Area.  Friends, families, neighbors and even some travelers flood the historic space for some cold ones, some great live music and of course to catch up on all the talk of the town.  It's something that I sincerely hope that we all do a better job at appreciating the gift we have in this event and those who work so very hard to put it on.  It's a volunteer project and  every year the panel selects which charity organizations get the rewards for the get together weekly.  You might not know it to look at it, but 8 weeks out of every Summer, our park becomes our biggest fundraiser for those in need and while it's not the main focus, you can believe that those who are blessed with the proceeds are more than thankful for who showed up and who brought friends. pip fbFollow Parties in the Park on Facebook

Now, back to the planning business.  Lining up 8 weeks of entertainment, helpers, non profits and all that goes along with the closing of the park.  The costs involved with all of the beer and wine, security etc....well, while being planned, there were just too many variables to make it happen, and then the restrictions came off.  What could be done at that point?  Well, let's scramble and at least redeem a couple days out of it and have some fun? 

That's exactly what you're going to get on August 20th and 21st.  Parties in the Park are throwing a 2 night celebration at the tail end of Summer and while we didn't get the usual 8 weeks, we got 2 nights to fill with everything under the sun to enjoy.  Live music, ice cold beer, activities for the kids, sun soaked grassy spots and shady trees away from the noise where you can catch up with the neighbors.  Lisa Richards joins me from the beautiful centerpiece of the city to talk about the events and you're invited to take a listen.





Get out your favorite dumb hat. Polish up the shades. Make your way Downtown Muskegon for 8 weeks of fun and purpose crammed into two nights and enjoy all that we've got to offer in Muskegon.  Great music, fun and togetherness in one of the most pristine settings in town, Hackley Park.  We can't thank Lisa enough for her time in coming down to join us today!