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We've long partnered with Fresh Ghost Comedy.  Our relationship began when Ricarlo Williams Winston was running the Back Alley Comedy Club at Sherman Lanes and we'd drop in to talk about the comics coming up and meet up with some of the biggest names in touring comedy.  It was an awesome thing we had going and then....well, $50 bucks says you can fill in the blank.  The pandemic hit and everything got paused.


With no audiences, things got hard for comics QUICK.  Tours stopped, clubs had to lock up and the laughter they provide and feed off of in return, it all came to an abrupt end and we waited.  Some tried to host online comedy shows, others directed their talents at writing and networking.  I know this from having more than my fair share of friends in the comedy biz....it wasn't easy for any of them.  Understanding the mind of a comic isn't always easy, but the one thing needed more than anything is feedback.  Silence is not a healthy space for those who entertain and when you rely on laughter, and maybe the $150 bucks you get for a set, things get dark quick. fg fbFollow Fresh Ghost Comedy on Facebook

Today, as the new normal is in comics are finding ways to get back to it.  Outdoor gigs, different venues that didn't traditionally hold comedy events.  Maybe it's some place as non traditional as The Aquastar or off the beaten path in a town you've only seen on an exit sign.  The art hasn't died, it's just been pushing to find a new way and bring the much needed laughter back to everyone.

I caught up with Ricarlo once again at Sherman Lanes, which is undergoing it's summer facelift at the moment and his partner Timothy Locke to talk about the "downtime" and how they navigated it.  We also talk about some of the upcoming gigs and opportunities that people might not have thought of when it comes to entertainment and comedy.  It's three guys catching up a little and hopefully, igniting a little laughter once again....when it's most needed.  Take a listen.







Comedy, music, dancing and more, they have all been hit a little harder than most. Financially, for sure but the added agony of lack of input and affirmation....that's something that you can't quite put a price tag on.  Let's be more than honest a minute.  Not many in the comedy or music scene are doing it for the wealth and fame.  They are in their respective arts for their love of what they do and to help bring a little joy to others while they are at it.  Find yourself a comedy show.  Get out to a music performance, even if it's outdoors if that's your comfort level and remember that the performing arts enrich our lives in so many ways.  We are very fortunate to have talented comics like Timothy and Ricarlo remind us of how much we all need a laugh.