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Some may know Dana Precious from her most recent endeavor in Downtown Muskegon where she's the proprietor at the ultra cool and very much needed Boomtown Market.  Others may know her from her families time owning and operating the Port City Princess which is now known as the Aquastar.  Some are long enough friends with her to remember her back from school and others, well, they might not know the name Dana Precious at all.  She's all Muskegon from day 1, but upon her graduating from Michigan State, like so many others, adventure called and off to California she went where ultimately, she worked in the entertainment industry helping promote film and television.  She worked on some big movies, hob knobbed with some of the "big shooters" and lived the dream.  It was a completely different adventure for sure, but like so many others too, Muskegon calls and it's time to come home.


Since most of us around here don't really need a publicist or an adverting director, Dana had a little thinking to do.  Noticing that Downtown Muskegon had no place for grab and go food items, quick and easy grocery offerings and flat out convenience, she got to work and got the doors opened and continues to lead the way working to partner with places like Soul Filled Eatery to help fill some bellies and have a dual benefit for two small business owners who just happen to be remarkably driven and kick ass women.  She's also reaching out to more in the area not only to expand her line of offerings, but to help those business grow too with a larger footprint than they might have otherwise not had.  Stand by for details on those as they come! btm1Boomtown Market Online

Dana too, has a very big creative side.  She's the author of several books.  In fact, I first met her pre pandemic and while the conversation was warm and inviting, you could tell that her highly creative gears were turning and she was actually writing while we were talking.  How do I know?  I do the same thing.  Well, we both managed to park the creativity overdrive and talk a little about an event she's got coming up at the Book Nook and Java Shop in Montague on Wednesday, October 6th at 6p surrounding her book "Born Under a Lucky Moon".  The book itself is based half here in Muskegon and half out in LA.  Dana describes it as having roughly the same kind of charm as "Fried Green Tomatoes".  Her mom says it's fiction, but Dana scrapes "reality" a little in the book and she's not here to deny that a lot of people may recognize some of the stories and situations they will read.

Do keep in mind, it's a good sized book and the book reading is scheduled to be an hour long event.  Dana will read selected portions and then open the floor up to a Q&A for those in the audience who'd like to know more.  Could it be about the story?  The writing process?  What it takes to get published?  I guess it's on you to find out more by heading to the event on Wednesday Oct. 6th.

Dana and I met up at her market, to talk about the book and the chance to hear her speak on it.  Take a listen.



Dana is all Muskegon sprinkled with a lot of major market know how.  She's one of those neighbors we all have who goes about her day having a superstar past, but spends a lot of time trying to find ways to incorporate others in the building of her own "next chapter" in Muskegon at the Boomtown Market.  It's the vast knowledge she brings of helping bring others up with her is the key to success and while the market does it's thing for those who live and work in the Downtown Muskegon area, Dana is able to keep the creativity, story telling and literary drive going at the same time.  It's remarkable to know that such multitalented people are right here with us in Muskegon, bringing back what they learned and sharing it for the greater good.  Make sure you check out the event at the Book Nook and Java Shop on Wednesday the 6th and pick up a copy of "Born Under a Lucky Moon".  If you can't make it to the show, click on the link below to purchase a copy on Amazon!

lucky moon