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We're rolling up on the Soul Filled Eatery for another visit with Chef LaKisha Harris and the AMAZING cuisine that comes out of her kitchen on Glade Street in Muskegon Heights.  One of LaKisha's greatest abilities out of all of her work is opening the door to other culinary creators to share their craft in her kitchen and show you how their locally produced products make her recipes, and yours even better!  This edition is no exception.


Tevies Jenkins joins LaKisha this week!  Tevis is a sauce specialist.  Her lip smacking line of sauces go from tacos to garlic butter and hot to honey and everything in between.  The great thing is her sauces come with all of the amazing flavor, spices and secret ingredients in them already to make anyone you're cooking for stand in awe at what you've made and you don't have to run all over down for this that or the other thing when it comes to adding an avalanche of flavor to what you're serving.  From her website - "My love for cooking came from my grandmother. Her dishes were so delicious, especially with the sauces she made. So one day I decided, just like her, to make cooking so much easier. With my sauces, you don't have to use any seasoning. They can be used for marinades & dipping, or to put a twist on any meal you decide to make, even veggies! My motto is, "Let us pack your day with flavor" and "One sample is all you need".

With that, let's just slip right into the kitchen with the ladies!  We're going to be doing some chicken tenders, some friend mushrooms, and top it all off with some oven seared salmon!  If only you could smell a computer screen! 


What an awesome way to pull on the rope together. LaKisha sure seems to know all the folks who's "secret recipes" need to not be a secret anymore.  Tevies complete line of sauces are available on her website which you will find linked below.  Buy some and support a local small business!  You will also find the step by step recipe and a link to Soul Filled Eatery!!  Happy Holidays to one and all and we'll see you next time from Soul Filled Eatery!


soul filled



soul filled chicken tenders