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"Sweet CARO-line_____ _____ _____" .  There is no way that you didn't just not sing "dunt dunt dunnnnnn......" It's impossible to avoid and it's perfectly ok.  After all, it's Neil Diamond, it's a part of the soundtrack of almost any sporting event and chances are, if you were born before 1980, you probably had it playing in the house thanks to your parents too.  While Neil Diamond himself has given up the touring in his advanced age, that doesn't mean his library of music isn't adored by millions and continues to find new audiences still today, because there's no topping what is truly quality.  You'll get your chance to see for yourself March 31st at the Frauenthal Center as The Neil Diamond Legacy opens up their show here in Michigan!


Ken Lepere is the man behind the scenes of this new tribute show here in Muskegon.  He's not new to the concept however.  Ken is a long time performer and promoter who's spent time around the country in places like Boston, South Florida and Arizona doing his thing and helping other artists build their careers and musical base by establishing some of these tribute shows, including a Neil Diamond show that's still playing out in Arizona and the surrounding areas.  It gives fans a chance to see and hear the music they love at a family friendly price and musicians a chance to maybe see a bigger audience, or at very minimum a more diverse audience compared to what they might see on the weekly grind.  To build a show around Neil Diamond most would think would be a snap, lots of songs.....lots of memories, easily recognizable and easy to sing along with, but....keep in mind, when you're doing a tribute show, you better be good or it will be a quick run. Frauenthal Center LogoMore about the Neil Diamond Legacy on FB

We are pretty lucky to have some incredible tribute acts around the area.  Most of them however cater to a little younger crowd and in their perfection of getting it all right, along comes the volume, the atmosphere and quite often a lot of motorcycles and beer.  None of which are a bad thing.  With a Neil Diamond show however, you can plan on an equally good time a comfortable chair and incredible musicians that make sure every bit of the reverence to the music is given.  That's where Bob Butcher comes in.  He's been around the Muskegon Music scene for a while.  Plays with Country Current now who are a great draw for any kind of party and had done plenty of classic rock gigging, but this time, Bob is minus his bass and out front doing the vocals on his own.  It's an experience of excitement and growth as mentioned before by Bob stepping in to do the singing.

Both of the guys joined us today to talk about the conception and building of the show along with the info you need on tickets and all that.  It's going to be a GREAT Springtime show in Muskegon at the Frau, take a listen.





It's a chance to get out and enjoy a memorable evening of songs you'll know and love. It's a chance to see a show that WON'T break the bank and above all, a celebration of a new endeavor with the promise to grow, entertain and spread the word about all of the amazing talent in Muskegon who can pull off a show like this!  If you'd like tickets, click on the banner below to visit the direct link to get them and enjoy Downtown Muskegon as Spring blooms!