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It's time to get your mouth watering!  LaKisha Harris is back with another round of her amazing cooking and as she often does, she brings along a friend to show you some of what they are doing and some of what you might be missing if you stick to the big box restaurants and the drive thru experience that so many offer.


This is Black History Month LaKisha is sharing the stage with some amazing chef's that are working their way up just as she has and this week, you get to meet Dannie Lane.  Danny is the Pitmaster at Dannie's BBQ and More in Muskegon.  As for the Black History Month element of it, well, in the days of slavery, African Americans were not exactly first in line for food.  They were often given the leftovers from a butchering process and what was there was what had to be made the best of what they could with what they had.  The creativity was astounding with the rations given of 3-4 pounds of pork and a peck of cornmeal.  Ribs, fried catfish, cornbread and neckbones were all turned into delicacies and today, we all enjoy the hearty taste of their creations. bbq and moreFind Dannie on Facebook

Dannie is working is way up.  Selling at fairs and festivals.  He's also known to sell some delectable pans of ribs and turkey knuckles along with other deliciousness on weekends or special occasions.  Let's say this, I have a pan of rib tips on order for next Sunday, they are really THAT good! 

Settle in and watch them go as LaKisha introduces you to Dannie Lane for some "Surf and Turf", ribs and frog legs right here on the Muskegon Channel. 







Needless to say, upon finishing this feature, ribs were ravenously eaten, naps were taken and the memory of the fun and flavor made such an impression that orders were placed.  Our thanks to Pitmaster Danny Lane for his time and great talent in showing off what he can make out of what was once waste.  Amazing talent and dedication to a craft as well as a bit of history!  If you'd like to know more about Dannie click on the banner above and while LaKisha is not working out of the Glade Street location any longer, you can still find her delicious Soul Filled cooking at Boomtown Market in Downtown Muskegon and at pop up events where she will be selling out quickly, so grab it while you can!

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surf and turf

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