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It's always an exciting day for us when we bring on a new addition to the staff here at the Muskegon Channel!  We first met Jodi Jarvis-Therrian before Christmas when Stephanie Kuziak suggested that people might like a segment that involves some best practices for pet safety around all of the holiday food that gets put out and Jodi came through the show amazingly well and she also left people wanting a little more.  So, we let January slide a little and toward the end of the month got back in touch with her and said "Hey.....how'd you like to do some more?", to which she graciously replied "Yes" and here we are!


Jodi is part of a dog training duo called Dog Blessed and she and her partner have one simple goal, and that's the best life possible for you and your dog!  Over the next weeks and months, Jodi and her amazing assistant Olaf will be showing you some great ideas about pet safety, pet training, how to keep your pet occupied and rewarded and how to choose the right breed for your particular situation.  These segments are designed to be informative, entertaining and above all useful to you to help your relationship with a pet blossom into the life long companionship that so many enjoy.

This week, Jodi has some excellent tips on pet safety in the car.  Some of the things might seem simple, but others might nit even cross your mind when it comes to loading Fido up in the car and taking off for the day.  It's great advice and any pet owner can learn something here.  So, kick back, enjoy and learn a little something today won't you?  It's episode 1 of Dog Blessed brought to you by Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven!


Episode 1 in the books! It's so exciting to see someone come on to try something new and "out of their norm" but Jodi is a quick study and hey, couldn't have done better myself the first try I did.  You are welcome to share this link around and if you are new to the Muskegon Channel, WELCOME!  You can also see Jodi on the Muskegon Channel for Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices if you visit your channel store and look for the free download.  To learn more about Jodi and Dog Blessed, you can click on their logo below and please, support the sponsors of the show, Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven!

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