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Would you trust your dog with finger paints?  Wait....before you answer that, this is a show about pet lovers and you may or may not have answered yes.  Your call.  People are crazy about their pets, none more than Jodi Jarvis-Therrian who's a partner in Dog Blessed LLC and this week, she's showing another side of herself along with the love of pets that will not only be a fun way to do something a little different with your pet but a way to preserve a memory of your pet for a lifetime. 


When Jodi isn't training a pet or loving on her own, she's got a crafty side.  She's created a lot of incredible work with her passions and has found a lot of ways to add the fun of your pets in too!  This is a simple and fun way to do an activity that can be for you, the kids and the pets all at once!

Let's do pet art.  How do we go about that without wrecking the carpet?  Well, Jodi has a plan.  It's going to require some prep.  You'll need some paper, some paints, some plastic wrap, some good tape,  some kind of something to get your pet to sniff around.  (We think she said "liver juice" but we turned away during that part :) and then of course, like any good artist, you'll need your Mod Podge.

What comes of this list of art supplies making their way to your list of treasured keepsakes?  Find out right now on Episode 5 of Dog Blessed, brought to you by Clock Timeless Pets, The CBD Store of Michigan and Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven. 


It's still plenty cold enough outside to enjoy a little time indoors with your furry friends!  What a fun way to add an activity to stimulate your pet, create a little something and offer a positive incentive to them when they least expect it.   Jodi's goal?  Helping pets live their best lives.  So much so she went and got certified as a rescue and trainer and through Dog Blessed LLC, she can help you over any hurdle you may face from assimilating a puppy to helping you understand what is the right breed for you and your family.  We are incredibly fortunate to have and expert like Jodi on with us to share her knowledge with the Muskegon Channel and our thanks go out to The CBD Store of Michigan, Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven and Clock Timeless Pets

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