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It's been a long and amazing relationship we've shared with No More Sidelines which was founded here in Muskegon 14-15 years ago.  Why 14 or 15?  Well, it's so easy to get lost in the small details when what you become a part of is so important and so life changing not only for an individual, but for a community who's been shown that different, isn't always something scary and that commonality is a lot closer than most think, if we just open up ourselves to try.


It was the request of one little girl at the time that got the whole thing started.  Alivia Blair asked her mom Cyndi about a sleep over like she saw her siblings sharing with their friends.  Alivia has some special needs of her own and the question sparked an idea, which turned into a movement which then went on to grow across the state.  Alivia just wanted to feel included and if you look back into the not too distant past, outside of the lunch room at school, inclusiveness was a little easier said than done because kids who needed the extra attention usually had their own hall at school.  Well, no more if it's up to Cyndi Blair. 

She contacted some friends, who contacted some more friends and as the phone tree rang, and the group grew, No More Sidelines became so much more than a play date.  The idea that no matter the ability of the young people, they can participate, engage and probably teach us all a thing or two spread like wild fire and then along came a building, expansion across Michigan and more.  It's been a life changing group for participants, families and those who have had even 10 minutes of contact with the organization.

After a couple years of being "sidelined" by the pandemic, March 26th at the Folkert Community Hub marks the return of the "Set the Stage" gala.  Amazing food, incredible entertainment, silent and live auctions, games, raffles and prizes and of course an essential update on the activity of the group as well as a chance to see what many have not due to the situation over the last couple of years, the completed Andy Blair Sports Complex.  Cyndi Blair took a couple of minutes out of her schedule to talk about the group and the event, take a listen.  For tickets call 231-332-3849 or CLICK HERE.  If ordering online, please use the drop down menu first and select LAKESHORE.  Include your name, number of tickets at $45 each and phone number in the comments, and someone will be in touch.


Spring is in the air. We can all feel a sense of a return to a little more normalcy and to get back to the business of supporting causes that are so incredibly near and dear to all of us....which just happen to be born and bred right here in Muskegon...it's what we do.  We're so incredibly fortunate to have been a part of this for so long.  The "kids" we once knew, the ones who started this, they are young adults now.  They have given WAY more than they have received and to celebrate the accomplishments, the friendships and the perspectives that we've gained about how very much alike we all are, no matter our "differences", that's what this is all about.  We'll see you on the 26th.