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Jodi Jarvis - Therrian is back with a second round of discussion on researching the type of dog that will best suit you and your families needs.  This is an incredible way to learn more about adding a pet to your home and some very valuable knowledge when it comes to making informed decisions based on knowing what breeds of dogs need and what people's busy schedules can accommodate. 


Should you seek out a working dog like the "birthday boy" in the video?  Are you looking for an accompaniment for the long distance run you do daily?  Are you best suited for a bigger or smaller breed?  How about some of the health problems that come up for larger dogs as they age?  How about the shedding factor?  All of these questions should be answered in advance for one reason.  If the fit isn't right, the pets often end up in a shelter.  In a shelter is no where pets want to be for just being themselves.  Another consideration, making sure that you have proper dog training for your new family member so communication is fluent and that you and your dog can live your best life together.

All of this knowledge and a little birthday fun is brought to you by The CBD Store of Michigan, Clock Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven.  Research Your Breed 2 is on the Muskegon Channel.


Simple thoughts that many might not consider when you drop the hammer on the idea of adding a pet.  You make a lifelong commitment to this pet after all, and knowing full well what to expect should be paramount.  Jodi is a Certified Dog Trainer CPDT-KA CTDI.  She's bringing you this info to help you avoid the heartbreak of surrendering a pet to a shelter because "it just didn't work out".  Next week, it's some cool ways to teach tricks!  See you back here then.

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