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Back in January, along came a note from Ken Lapere asking about a show he was putting together to honor Neil Diamond and if I thought that it would play in Muskegon and if the Frauenthal was feesable.  In the back of my mind, with all we've been though over the last couple of years, I had some pretty big question marks floating around in my head, especially when it comes to tickets and events, because who knew where we'd be dealing with the pandemic at that point, but Ken seemed determined, so we'll pitch in.


As the roll of the dice went, it's paid off.  Spring is here and the show is coming up on March 31st.  People are back out enjoying "normal" again and the hours of practice and dedication have paid off for Ken and the crew who've spent so much time putting together this evening filled with sing-a-long hits that the entire family can enjoy! 

We crept in on the rehearsal and got a little taste.  We had the band introduced, even got to tease the drummer.... and we'll leave the rest to happen on stage this Thursday.  It's truly a rehearsal.  There's only one speaker here for sound and it's a short, but fun glimpse into what the "work" sounds like before a show.  Take a quick listen. 


If you need a night out, it's this Thursday! We wish Ken and crew the very best.  Big dreams, big aspirations.  A launch of something new and a nice way to enjoy an evening out.  Thinking about tickets?  Linked below.