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Every corner of the county is where you'll find a group of friends and neighbors that pull together when the need is there.  One of the things that we are so very fortunate to have here is the ability to draw together to meet a need no matter which neighborhood we live in.  One of the things that I am personally very fortunate to be a part of is sharing those efforts through our work here.  This particular event hits pretty close to home, literally.


In Twin Lake there's a gas station and grocery store called Jacks.  It's a staple of the area, and a couple of amazing things about it are the far above average everything they have, from fresh cut meat to grocery items and the lowest gas prices, which are all awesome, but the most remarkable part of the place is the longevity of the staff and how incredibly well they know their customers.  There are some who've been at the gas station 15 years or more and the closeness of the entire team is felt when you visit, every time.  That closeness comes in handy when a time of need comes along, and it sure did for Alishia Burkett.

Alishia is a young mom.  She's got a boy of 3 and in her second pregnancy, she found out there were going to be 2 little girls coming along to join the family.  Thing is, the two little girls wanted to get here a little earlier than they should have and were born premature at 23 weeks.  That's just a tick over half the normal term of a pregnancy.  Needless to say, it was a time of many questions, a lot of prayers and intense care at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital where the girls are still staying.  The incredible news is that while they were both born weighing under 2 pounds, the incredible care they have been given and the hopes and prayers of family and friends have gotten them to where they are now, and while a date for them to come home has yet to be settled on, Lacey and Abigail are 4 months old!  Yes, that tingle you feel on the back of your neck is a miracle happening.

While the Ronald McDonald House has been helping with accommodations for the Burkett family, things add up, and the soon to be homecoming will require some support through monitors, oxygen and maybe some added hands.  This is where community and friends come together to do what they can.  April 10th from 12p-5p the Effin' Bar in Twin Lake will be hosting a benefit.  Picnic style dinner, pulled pork with all the fixins'.  Door prizes, raffles, auctions, music and more.  The bar has a large open area outside and a giant parking lot to fill so there will be plenty of room for people to find a spot.  You are cordially invited of course.  

We met up with the team pulling this all together at the home of Christine Love.  Along with Christine we've got Heather Brannam, Tabatha Duell and Veronica Rogers.  It's been long nights planning and packaging.  It's been lots of stopping by local business to se if they can help and it's been an outpouring of love to help Alishia through this journey.....take a listen. 


This is who we are. It doesn't matter where in the county you call home, the resilience, drive and willingness to be there at the moment of need for someone is unmatched when it comes to the people of Muskegon County.  So often, we see the outpouring from people and places that might not be able to really afford it, but know all too well that giving a little returns 10 fold.  We titled this article and "Unfolding Miracle" and it's unfolding in more ways than one.  The miracle of two little girls who could.  The mom and family who've had so many prayers answered and the community who stands behind them.  This is Muskegon.  This is us.  April 10th.  You know where to be.