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Tonya Christiansen is the owner of Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven and she's also a sponsor of Dog Blessed.  We took the short drive down to Tonya's very cool and comprehensive shop in Downtown Grand Haven to meet up for our next couple of episodes focused on pet nutrition.  The first impression of the store is that you have found a charming and fun place to shop with your pet.  A meeting place for people who love dogs to come and show off Rover and maybe find that unique toy or treat.  If however you ask a question about their product lines, prepare yourself for an education.  Tonya knows her stuff and will instantly floor you with knowledge, insight and care....while presenting it in a way that's easy to understand and convincing enough to not leave you wondering.  To sum that up....you have found an expert and it's instantly understandable. 

Jodi and Tonya start the two weeks of nutritional conversations up this week and it will continue into next.  There's an awful lot to learn here and honestly, it's probably the kind of stuff people would pay to attend a class for.  It's clear to see too the care and passion put in by these women to all things pet.  They are both popular.  As we filmed and the stores traffic comes in and out, lots of friendly faces and plenty of "woofers" in the background add to the ambiance, take a listen. 


Isn't it refreshing to hear a truly knowledgeable duo speak on a subject instead of some loud know it all that wants to cram something in your face and sound convincing?  That's the best part of a place like Must Love Dogs and people like Tonya and Jodi.  We're honored to have them both to help you understand what can give your dog it's best life and next week there will be more on pet nutrition and digestive issues!  Stay tuned. 

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