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We've long enjoyed our relationship with Pioneer Resources and sharing the story of how this organization, founded right here in Muskegon back in the 1940's, has grown to become such a force for those in our community who face challenges physically, developmentally or in mental health areas.  In fact, in the video accompanying the story today, Jill Bonthuis shares a little piece of the very beginning that I had never even heard and it truly is where the first heartbeat of the organization began and continues today.

We've talked a lot in the past about the visibility of the Pioneer Resources transportation arm.  Their fleet of vehicles is all over town helping those with mobility issues get around and that's the most visible aspect of their work for sure.  Pioneer Resources also provides, supported housing, employment & training opportunities, recreational programs & camps, autism services, senior programming and low income housing.  Taking care of vulnerable people and giving them the chance to live with independence and dignity and create opportunities for participation in the community.  Core values that we can all agree are paramount to the human existence.  It's purpose that means so much to all of us and Pioneer Resources works to bring that to the people they serve, every day. hh 2022Click Here for Tickets to Hats and Horses

Hats and Horses is the BIG annual fundraiser for Pioneer Resources.  It's the 5th year for it, but only the 3rd year "in person".  Yes, virtual events were really all that could be pulled off and Pioneer Resources survived.  We even helped put some of the video presentations together and aired them in conjunction with the events.  We'll help pull on the rope when we can.  This year however, it's back to the party at a new location under a fabulous tent in the Parmenter Law lot on Muskegon lake and the festivities centered around the Kentucky Derby, music, raffles and games will be THE place to be on May 7th.  Yes, even the wheelbarrow full of booze will be there and it's become THE must have prize at the event!  Enough mint julips come out of it for you and the whole neighborhood!

Jill Bonthuis and Rachel Gorman joined me to talk about the organization and, in as many times as we've helped share the story of Pioneer Resources, Jill dug a little deeper this time and tells of the very instance that was the seedling of all that's become of Pioneer Resources today.  Take a listen and hear how the tiniest of gestures grows into a monumental force for good in Muskegon.





Like Rachel mentioned, there's no place better than Muskegon when it comes to taking care of our own.  We are very fortunate in the fact that we all understand that more hands make lighter work and that sooner or later, most of us are going to need friends and neighbors pitch in.  It's what we do.  In this case, if you pitch in just a little, the rewards are so much more.  Sure, you are invited to the Hats and Horses event, but use that as a springboard to get more involved.  Be a part of something bigger than yourself and see that opening your heart a little to someone results in so much more personal gain than you ever imagined possible!  Think of the story Jill told and just how far all of this has come for Pioneer Resources.....all it takes is that tiny moment and it can happen for you!  Come be a part of the party and take it from there.  You'll be glad you did.  Learn more about Pioneer Resources by clicking below!

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