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Last week, part one of Jodi's talk with pet nutrition expert and owner of Must Love Dogs Boutique in Grand Haven, Tonya Christiansen provided a wealth of knowledge for pet owners who want a great understanding of the best products for their pets overall health.  The discussion went from the idea of how people have tried to adapt a dogs diet from meat to cereals in kibble over time and that as a species, it's not that natural.  Tonya talked about the molecular level of foods and the process of cooking dog food at such high temps.  It was a conversation to open a lot of eyes.


This week, in part 2 of the diet and nutrition talk, Jodi and Tonya are talking gut health in your dog.  Yes, digestive issues are prevalent in dogs just like people and one of the key factors is knowing when the dog isn't feeling well.  As far as our relationship has come with man's best friend, they still can't communicate when there's a "little something wrong" and over time, that can add up to a bigger problem.  One of the thigs discussed this week is how a dramatic difference is seen in pets that are a little more mature if there's a diet change that makes them "act like a puppy" again.  It's that shift in diet that might very well have solved a problem that couldn't be articulated and got your pet dancing around on the tips of their toes again.  

One thing is for sure.  The amount of knowledge and dedication on display here is off the charts.  So often today, we stop and think of the deepest discounts at the closest store to any of us to save a buck.  Tonya once again shows you why a place like Must Love Dogs is not only as popular as it is, but why it's worth making an extra stop for your pets needs.  A great local business that has by far and away more know how than any big box store and the value to that is irreplaceable. 


It's like listening to a veterinary digest talking isn't it?  Tonya is an incredible resource for all things nutrition.  If Jodi is shopping there and looking for the best advice, trust me....you want to as well.  Fascinating couple of weeks and we're looking forward to seeing you again soon on Dog Blessed!  Dog Blessed is brought to you by Must Love Dogs, the CBD Store of Michigan and Clock's Timeless Pets

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