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The North Muskegon Norsemen Choir has been waiting a while to be able to put on a show for ya.  Most everyone has been waiting a while for everything.  So often we've found that young people have had to put their "moments" on hold while the pandemic played out.  It's been difficult for them to have had all the practice, the plans and the anticipation of the show come and go while this surge or that surge has come and gone over the last couple of years.  We've even seen some of the traditional rites of passage get transformed into adaptations like drive thru diploma ceremonies and socially distanced graduations outside at the football stadium.  The performing arts however....it's been a lot of just cancellations because of the nature of the event.  North Muskegon has something to put an exclamation point on this year when it comes to performing arts...and it's happening April 21st and 22nd at the Frauenthal.


The North Muskegon Choir is back on stage with "Norse Together".  It's a celebration of all of the hard work put in by the kids grades 6-12 at North Muskegon Schools.  The choir at North Muskegon is one of the "in groups" to be a part of at the school and the combination of their middle school and high school in one building adds a pretty unique dynamic with the age groups.  If you think back to those years, there's a vast difference in age between 6th and 12th grade.  In the choir setting of North Muskegon Schools, this is advantageous to the program because younger and older kids mix to achieve an outcome and they can learn from each other within the group as part of the experience.  Online Tickets 300x197Tickets for Norse Together

The show is filled with amazing costumes.  A fun lighting show.  Great sing along songs and you might even feel compelled to dance along.  This would be encouraged.  Another great part of the event is the price.  Tickets are only $12-$16 bucks which is not only a cheap night out, it's a great way to support the performing arts at our local schools and show these great kids that the community is equally behind them like we are the football or basketball teams. 

As I walked into a darkened auditorium to the rehearsal going on, one number was just finishing up.  It's crunch time as you can imagine, so through the darkness I said to Beth Slimko - "Mrs. Slimko, I am here to meet the students" and along came Riley McEvoy and Abbey Bayne, a Junior and Senior in the project.  Duly appointed spokeswomen for the production.  We talk about what's gone into the show, some of what the future holds and when the red carpet comes out for you to join them at the Frau!  Take a listen. 





Get out and enjoy the work put in by so many young people and help them see that the community is behind them and their efforts.  We found a clip of a past performance courtesy of Beth Slimko below so you can get an idea of what to expect.  Get a quick preview and then grab a couple tickets and enjoy!  We're always proud to help support the arts and young people in Muskegon who make them happen!  We're incredibly fortunate to have so much talent in the area and the people who can guide them to put on such a performance!  Frauenthal April 21st and 22nd!  Be there.