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An event at the Muskegon Museum of Art.  Are you someone who gets the vision in your mind that there's a lot of top hats, monocles and people asking to "Pass the Grey Poupon"?  Well, those are wonderful mavens of art however the Muskegon Museum of Art has been turning the corner steadily over the last few years.  It's a pretty positive turn as well.  Art encompasses so much more than looking at pictures on a wall.  Art is expression, individualism, togetherness and experience all in one.  It's also living and breathing compared to a look at what was at one point.  The Muskegon Museum of Art is VERY proactive on what art is going to be as opposed to reactive as to what art was.


With that, you've seen the art exhibits of "Lights Camera Rock and Roll" by local photographer Paul Jendrasiak.  On display recently "MiniARTure Golf" where they set up a mini golf course through the museum to entice young and old art fans in to a reason to stop in and see what's on display.  The MAJOR showings of Edward Curtis and the Native American and Alaska Native people.  The Muskegon Museum of Art has made it pretty clear as they work their way toward the future that it's going to be a place of action and reflection.  Yes, we have an art museum that's well aware that an experience is much more valuable to people than buying a ticket and walking through.  beer 2Get Tickets To Untapped and Uncorked

As we all know around here too, art is subjective.  We have some local artisans who's art is even consumable.  Our local beer crafters, wine makers, cider pressers and of course, culinary masters...they are creating art that is not only visually appealing, it's filling as well as bubbly and thirst quenching!  What do we do?  Let's get them all together! 

On Tap and Uncorked is back after a couple year break thanks to the pandemic we all sat through.  This year there's going to be a new fun twist too!  As you'll hear from Kristina Broughton, the tasting and tempting will be happening outside along with a fleet of food trucks.  From 5p-9p on Friday night April 29th the parking lot will be the place to be to enjoy the samplings, the food and the fun.  You'll also find out a way to WIN TICKETS to this event!!  Pay close attention to how to enter to win!






Belly on up and get your tickets. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. has tickets for the first 3 people to email her.  If her name is still an active link to click, send her an email and claim your tickets.  Do keep in mind, these could go very quickly and that we do only have enough for the first three to claim a pair of tickets each!  If you don't win, you know where the party is this Friday!  Head down to the Muskegon Museum of Art and enjoy the On Tap and Uncorked event and celebrate Spring while enjoying the finer things artistically and culinary right here in Muskegon.