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Jodi Jarvis-Theriran is back and this week on Dog Blessed she's our where she's most at home.  She's on the lake with her trusty companion Olaf and with the warmer temps in the lakes and the area back yard swimming pools opening up, what better time to talk about safety tips around water?


Seeing a pet enjoying the fun of playing in the water is part of the over all experience.  It's also a great break for them from the heat of the Summer months but as pet owners, it falls on us to make sure that they are being looked out for and helped to prevent some of the things you might not even consider when you are just ready to start playing in the water.  One of the key takeaway's this week you'll hear is an algae bloom.  They are highly toxic to pets and until Jodi mentioned this fact in the recording of this episode, who knew?  Next up, did you know there are flotation devices specifically made for dogs that are designed to keep their head above water in the event they are boating with you and there's an accident?  How about some ideas for around the pool?  If a pet slips and falls into a pool, are they conditioned to not panic and find a way out?  Do you know an easy item you can place on the edge of your pool that can assist?  Jodi does! 

It's a great episode a week ahead of the unofficial holiday weekend kick off to Summer!  Dog Blessed is brought to you by Clock Timeless Pets, Must Love Dogs Boutique in Grand Haven and the CBD Store of Michigan.  Take a listen to some real know how about water safety and prevention with Jodi Jarvis-Therrian on the Muskegon Channel.


Break out the shades and suntan lotion! Summer just got a lot safer and more fun!  The last thing anyone wants is a pet to be sick or injured from something that can be fun and without someone on hand like Jodi, who's dedicated her life to the proper education of people and pets so they can live their best lives together, who would know any different?  These are incredible and informative pieces, that's for sure and it can go even further if you are in need of some help with your pet.  Jodi and her partner Paula, who you'll meet in a couple of weeks are Certified Professional Dog Trainers and offer a wide variety of training options.  Make sure you check out their website DOG BLESSED to learn more about the classes and events they hold!   cbd approved ad

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