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Whew!  What a night it was to get back out and do a live show again after sitting in a padded room for 2 years trying to be entertaining and informative while managing to worry about a pandemic for self, family and an entire community.  Like anyone else we got sacked on a lot of doing what we love and especially hit hard on getting out to be a part of the events and places that all mean so much to everyone around town.  We were VERY fortunate to have all of the tools and technology in place for a couple of key things.  One, the home studio helped in our messaging around the pandemic.  No, it was nothing anyone WANTED to hear, but..not every job is filled with rainbows and unicorns.  Sometimes the work requires swallowing a bitter pill.  We did.  The second moment of "victory" for us?  Quite humbly, before the pandemic hit, we had built our company up to the point where all of our equipment and technology used to live stream the fun stuff around town, well....it all got parked at the Public Health Muskegon County Office and came with our word that if needed, 15 minutes notice would have someone there to get County Officials or Medical Professionals on TV and online live.  We couldn't entertain, but we had what was needed to inform and we were blessed to fill that role.


We'll keep right on doing anything necessary as the pandemic moves into an endemic over time, but for now we can get back out and do what we can to get some people together, have some fun in a local establishment and while we're in the process of renewing all kinds of everything, we'll take a minute to welcome you to our new spot for Muskegon Tonight Live in Downtown Muskegon - Burl and Sprig Cocktail Bar!

We set up to get the Muskegon Tonight Live show up and running and Burl and Sprig said "we're in"!  We welcomed Public Health Muskegon County Director Kathy Moore as our first guest back.  No one else deserved the slot more.  The work she and her staff put in over the last 2 years was epic in proportion and to just meet the person instead of the talking head...what a nice way to shift gears!  Next up... Ann Meisch and Lisa Kraus from Taste of Muskegon which is happening June 10th and 11th at Hackley Park and will be bigger and better than ever.  Finally, Colt M. Snuffer plays us out with some of his original music including a debut song!

Don't forget that The Muskegon Channel is available for your big screen too if you have a Roku or Amazon Fire TV Device!  Just look for us in your channel store and get the free download!

On to the show!  It's Muskegon Tonight Live May 2022!  We're back and we couldn't be more thankful!


Like that? Come to the next one in person!  The next show date is June 30th at Burl and Sprig in Downtown Muskegon!  Stay tuned to our social media channels to get your free reservations to come and enjoy the show!


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