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If you blink, you're going to miss it.  The Summer of 2022 that is.  If the immersion of all things Muskegon hasn't hit you just yet, it will.  If it doesn't hit you....the problem lies within because the efforts of so many, for so long have gotten us to a place that was seemingly unimaginable 20 years ago.  Where we used to have 2 or 3 events a year, we've grown in to 4 or 5 major events and the number of new up and coming events is literally breathtaking.  For our purposes today however...we're talking about one of the enduring staples that Muskegon got rolling a minute ago.  BIKE TIME!


Biketime began in 2007 and as the plans were coming together and laid out....like anything new in Muskegon, people wondered.  At the time, I worked right along Seaway Drive and from the studio window, the view of the bikes coming into town was staggering.  When I finally decided that I couldn't sit around the office anymore that day, I didn't even stop home.  I went right down to Steel Horse Alley and to my wondering eyes....a miracle.  Street was full.  Muskegon was packed.  All doubt removed on the spot.

Last year, we were on hand to help emcee the Miss Bike Time Contest and the Dad Bod Contest at Hot Rod Harley-Davidson.  It was a wonderful time to get out and have some fun.  This year, we're the partners with Bike Time on the event and with the incredible buzz in Muskegon around everything happening, the feeling of a little more safe atmosphere being in crowds after the last couple of years and just a little over a month to go....it's time to get the contestants lined up and the word out so we can do it all over again, bigger and better.  

There is no cost to enter either contest.  For Miss Bike Time, there's a grand prize of $1000 bucks!  Pre-registration is asked, but not required and you'll find the registration linked in multiple spots on this story.  Miss Bike Time contestants meet at the main stage at Hot Rod Harley at 2:30 on July 16th.  For the Dad Bod Contest, $250 bucks and just like the ladies, if you can register in advance and plan on being at the main stage for the Miss Bike Time contest the Dad Bod show gets under way after you check in, right about 4:30.

If you're in, click on either photo and get yourself signed on up!!  Imagine the bragging rights?  Imagine the fame and fortune?  Imagine the limitless life you'll find after your adventure in the spotlight and warm embrace of the masses on big loud bikes and living it up tight here in Muskegon!  

Miss Bike Time Bikini Contest











Dad Bod Contest











It's going to be an outstanding time and a chance for us "locals" to be a part of the fun while standing there and witnessing the almost unheard of evolution of us.  

2022 biketime