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Look who's back and bringing the Soul Filled heat in the kitchen?  LaKisha Harris found a few minutes to bring all of the deliciousness she and her friends know all there is to know about to you and when the word got to us she had 5 minutes to tape....we went running with the camera!  Let's be honest, anytime LaKisha is cooking and there's "product" after the taping...who better to have on hand?


This a a very special episode.  LaKisha is welcoming Chef Jimmy Hill to the show today and Jimmy is making a Mediterranean pan seared chicken dish that features rosemary and potatoes as you prepare it.  What's the big deal about chicken?  Don't be in such a rush.  The chicken is a mouth watering delight but the story here is Jimmy.  Jimmy is a Heights Tiger.  Graduating "a minute ago".  He's taken that Tiger Pride along the path with him and not only are the culinary arts his passion, they are his way of helping make sure others have a chance.  Jimmy is the Executive Chef Instructor at the Lakeland Correctional Facility in Coldwater Michigan.  Jimmy has found a way to take his love of all things food and pass along the skills to those who have made a mistake or two and while they are changing their lives, Jimmy is teaching them a sill set that will never be without demand and when they are released, with any of God's good blessings, that mistake that landed them where they are....it won't have to happen again.  Recidivism is what we're talking about here, and Jimmy is helping to stop the cycle.   

Jimmy has a little more to his story.  Like many others who do more than talk, Jimmy is the subject of a documentary.  "Coldwater Kitchen" is a documentary film produced by The Detroit Free Press who have been producing documentary films for 15 years.  It's the story of Jimmy and 3 students.  One with a life sentence, one returning to the city where he was once a drug dealer and another battling an opioid addiction.  The way the lives of these 4 are intertwined and the role Jimmy plays in their life is highlighted.  When the film is released to the public, we plan to give you all we can to let you know where you can see it.

For now, we're heading to the kitchen, not only to spend some time with LaKisha but to meet a softly spoken man who's truly walking the servants path to help others make the biggest changes, truly life changing changes.  Take a listen. 


Our most common trait is survival. Food is the most basic element.  Connecting with food is a great way to open a conversation and in the case of Jimmy, it's a great way to open a heart.  Trust me on this one.  Working within the penal system is difficult.  1 in 3 Americans is somehow attached to someone who's in the criminal justice system.  Jimmy is bridging so many gaps and filling so many holes in the lives of those he touches and to have him here with us for an episode is an honor of the highest magnitude.  We applaud Jimmy for his purpose...and ability to whip up one mean Mediterranean chicken dish!  Recipe below!!  

coldwater kitchen


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rosemary chicken