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Last week we featured some thoughts about CBD for your pets from the CBD Store of Michigan and the focus this week is sticking with older pets and some best practices for their care.  Jodi has Paula Smith back, her partner in the Dog Blessed program they run.  Paula brought her beloved Pepper who's a semi retired competitive dog.  Semi retired meaning that although a little older, that spirit within is still that of a champion and in the twilight years, finding ways to make sure that mind, body and spirit are still stimulated, well....that's what this weeks episode is all about.


As people age, we find limits.  Same things for pets.  Take a look at how we transition however.  Where once, some of us might have been intense racket ball players, maybe now it's pickle ball.  At one point, were you a high performing athlete in school?  Has the feeling of success and adrenaline left ya?  It's really not much different for pets.  Our job?  Bob and weave for them.  Keep them thinking...keep them curious, keep them engaged.  Make the pets mind work for things and let them feel like what they are doing is a reward based adventure.  Even rooting around in a snuffle mat for some treats is a stimulus.  Keep them moving.  Too hard to jump up on a couch or bed?  Maybe a ramp for them?  Hard to walk around?  A stroller could help for the bulk of the trip but do allow for some time out.  There are veterinary options for pain control as well if it gets to that point. 

It's a great discussion between two women who's passion is for people and pets and making sure they are living their best lives together.  Take a listen to Jodi and Paula on Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel.


To give your pet the best life, as long as possible is the goal.  After a lifetime of competing of just chasing squirrels, those golden years should be just as rewarding for pets as they are us.  Jodi and Paula are amazing ambassadors for their passions and the pets of the area.  If you'd like to take things to the next level with your pet, visit them for one of their classes or competitions.  Maybe just an event they are throwing or follow them online to see what's coming along that might interest you.  Our thanks to Must Love Dogs Boutique in Grand Haven, Clock's Timeless Pets and the CBD Store of Michigan for their support of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel.

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