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Last week, we began approaching the upcoming 4th of July holiday with some thoughts Jodi has on helping your pet cope with the loud noises that pop up at this time of the year.  Like most of her advice, it all begins with positive reinforcement, not being an alarmist yourself and preparing your pet in advance when there's any kind of loud noise that it's not a threat to them.  Practical, simple and pretty easy to implement.  

Like many other areas of expertise, there are cases that are a little more extreme.  We've even gotten to the point where research has shown us that things like weighted blankets and even scents can help people with their insecurities.  Last week Jodi showed you a way to embrace your pet with a little added security by using an ace bandage to snug up on them, well, one thing we know about animals is that they live a lot of their lives out through what they smell.  Can security be found in your pets nose?

According to Vicki Rae Thorne owns Earth Heart Inc.  Visiting their website, it's pretty clear the mission that they have established - "Because dogs savor the world through scent, we make gently aromatic plant-inspired remedies that comfort dogs and their humans without overwhelming their sensibilities."  They are products made with essential oils that offer a variety of ways to help your dog through a temporary upheaval or maybe help them out with a scrape, scratch or maybe a ear with some yeast or a dry skin patch.  There are literally dozens of uses for these all natural products.

Jodi dropped into the studio here at the Muskegon Channel to talk to Vicki about her product line.  Take a listen. 


It might be a great source for you to check out if your pet is in need of some calming or some physical healing.  Jodi beings a wealth of knowledge weekly and with her connections in the world of pets and pet training, she can being in guests that can help show you things you may have never even known about that can help make you and your pet's life together better every day, and that's the goal with Jodi!  Helping pets, and pet owners live their best lives together.

Our many thanks to Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven, Clock's Timeless Pets and The CBD Store of Michigan for their support of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel.

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