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It's time to dress it up a little around here.  LaKisha Harris with Soul Filled Catering and Private Chef Services is back and brings friends as she's knows for.  This time, it's pinky's up as Jillian Rucker joins LaKisha in the Soul Filled Kitchen for a little taste of the upper crust....or, well...wait a minute, they cut the crusts off.  It's time to enjoy High Tea and Cucumber Sandwiches!


Jillian is a Tea Guru!  She's going to be talking about the different kinds of teas there are.  You'll be surprised too, I believe to find that tea's origins are not necessarily where it's most famous for being consumed.  There's also some discussion about how to properly steep your tea.  Difference in times it takes for different tea blends and more.  Cucumber sandwiches?  Sounds easy right?  Well, not only does Chef LaKisha make it easier than it sounds and talks about some thing remarkably important.  Girl Power.  Yes, it's important that girls today can do all the necessities like "change a tire", but there's also a lot of talk about women teaching girls how to be lady like.  Proper, mannerly, kind and balanced.  It's an important lesson passed down over the generations of mothers and daughters.  LaKisha and her daughter Rey are that tight....it's really great to see them together.

We are off to the kitchen!  The sandwiches are remarkably hearty and the lessons in culture and tea are invaluable!  Let's do High Tea with Chef LaKisha Harris from Soul Filled Catering and Private Chef Services.


Pip Pip! Cherrie-O and all that!  Are you feeling more cultured and refined?  You should be!  Chef LaKisha Harris offers all kinds of incredible ways to make things taste incredible as well as save you a few bucks on the ingredients to make it!  Most of the recipes you see here can feed a family for well under $25 bucks, but in today's case, the cucumber and bread....we're WAY below that and the fun you can have with your kids with the High Tea theme, not only did she and Jillian help you eat cheap, you got to give a lesson in refined living!  It was our two for one special for the summer!  Recipe below!  Enjoy!  

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