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Heading out to see the sites with Rover?  Well, good news!  Jodi Jarvis-Therrian is here this week with another edition of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel to share some ideas about making the most out of your travelling with your pet.  


This episode is loaded with amazing ways to help you keep your pet by your side first and foremost.  Jodi reveals that there have been times that she's passed up on opportunities to go places due to the lack of inclusion of her beloved pet.  Hey, pets are family to some.  She's also bringing a wealth of knowledge when it comes to ways to help keep the car cool if your ride or die happens to be covered in fur.  Some really great things to help make travel easier for your pet.  Items like a collapsible bowl that can ease drinking?  They are out there.  She's even talking about websites that can help guide you all across the country with pet friendly places to stay and relax.  How about this for some deep thought before you travel?  Are you heading to an area where indigenous species might be different than what your pet is used to?  Poisonous toads are real.  How about current identity tags and even a chip?  Could your dog end up lost in surroundings unfamiliar?  Jodi is the Jedi master of thinking of it all, and that's why she's in front of the camera.

It's a packed episode this week and the timing couldn't be more perfect as so many consider packing up the "Griswold Family Truckster" and head out to enjoy the Summer here around Michigan or where ever the road may take you.  Dog Blessed is brought to you by Clock's Timeless Pet's, The CBD Store of Michigan and Must love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven.


Life is a highway, right? Get out and enjoy it.  It's the experience, passion and honestly...the work Jodi puts in for pet ownership that makes the experience for you exactly what she strives for.  Giving pets and their people their best possible lives is the goal of her work.  You can always learn more by visiting Dog Blessed online and if you'd really like to go full tilt, you can be a part of one of her training or competition events!  Our many thanks to the great places that help keep spreading the word with Jodi.  The CBD Store of Michigan, Must Love Dogs Boutique in Grand Haven and Clock's Timeless Pets in Muskegon.

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