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We're back in the kitchen of the Soul Filled Private Chef and Catering Services with LaKisha Harris and this week she's flying solo with summertime favorites that you don't even have to worry about keeping on a stick because they are going to be deconstructed anyway.  We're talking kabobs and if messing around with the sticks isn't your thing, this is your episode.


No matter what you make a kabob with, it's a fun way to enjoy a meal.  It's a great way to incorporate tastes, colors and fun and if kids are involved, maybe even a way to introduce them to food prep and culinary arts.  Great on the grill kabobs are easy to make, easy to eat and if you're careful, at the end..you get a free toothpick!  (Kidding)  Deconstructed kabobs however eliminate the need for a stick and all of those wonderful, colorful ingredients coming together in a skillet or pan are delightful and LaKisha is going to show you just how to make the best on a budget and on a time crunch.

Let's head in to the kitchen and see what L'Soul is cooking up today!  


Was it a short write up? Ya, kinda. The thing is though, deliciousness doesn't have to be flashy and I'd challenge any foodie in the world to improve any kind of kabob with nothing more than flowery writing.  Getting you fed on a budget and showing you how to get it done quickly is kind of how LaKisha likes it.  Sharing joy through food is what it's all about and if you want to take a run at deconstructed kabobs yourself, just follow the simple recipe below!  

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