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There's one thing that Jodi loves more than being with her dog.  She loves being with other dog owners and their dogs and helping them live their best lives.  Kind of the idea of having Dog Blessed LLC and now the Dog Blessed TV show on the Muskegon Channel.  With that, Jodi and her circle have been working to find ways to being pets, pet owners and those who help foster those relationships together in a big way and she's on to it in October at Winston Speedway in Rothbury with the Pumpkins and Paws event with the Muskegon Humane Society!


When forces like this come together for good, great things happen and with list of activities for people and pets over this two day event, there will be sure to be something for everyone.  Are you interested in seeing competitions?  They have plenty of them.  Are you interested in competing?  Well, good news.  They need competitors.  How about a location to learn from experts or if you are an expert in pets and pet lifestyle stuff, this is going to be an awesome opportunity for you to connect with your core audience. It's estimated that the pet industry was at about $99 BILLION annually in 2020 and it's all centered around the relationship that's built between people and animals and that relationship grows when those who practice and train to share the knowledge with you.  Like raising a person, there's not really a owners manual that comes along with a pet...they have their own personalities too, so reliance on passionate people is where things grow.

The Muskegon Humane Society is the anchor of this event and with Jodi on the board, that beings us on full guns a blazing too.  We believe in success and helping those who help us, so...we're going to work to build toward October with a great new and super fun Fall event that will hopefully grow year after year.  It's a perfect location for a large scale event and at the end of racing season, when the dust settles, there's plenty of room for the dogs.  Jodi is joined by Alexis Robertson who's the Executive Director of the Muskegon Humane Society to get the first word out about the event.  Take a listen.  


Save the dates!!  What a super fun way to ease into Fall with the Muskegon Humane Society and Dog Blessed!  We're excited to be a part of this great new event and we hope that anyone else that might be interested in being a part of it uses the QR code in the image below to get more details about what's to come!   Kinda fun how this is building right?  Dog trainer has a show idea, show is a hit....partners are found and next thing you know...we're seeing a new festival pop up that focuses on something unique and fun to the area and gives people and pets a chance to participate.  THIS is local media at work my friends.  Dog Blessed is brought to you by Clock's Timeless Pets, Must Love Dogs Boutique in Grand Haven and the CBD Store of Michigan

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