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It was a perfect summer evening in Downtown Muskegon as the sun began to set and Burl and Sprig and the breeze blew in off Muskegon Lake, the audience filed in, drinks were poured and food was served.  The guests were lined up, the cameras rolled and the lights came on to the third show back post the shut down and we at the Muskegon Channel had gotten our set up time down to under 2 hours again.  Yes, we clock ourselves. 


Our guests included Bob Priefer, Captain of the Milwaukee Clipper who is celebrating his 100th birthday.  He began his career as a "Pearl Diver" on the ship.  What's a "Pearl Diver"?  Find out.  Terry Puffer has been all over Muskegon not only in his real eastate ventures but his philanthropic endeavors with the Lakeshore Legacy Project and Glow at the Holiday Season as well as the Summer Concert Series at Hot Rod Harley-Davidson.  Marisela Sierra from Navarro's Mexican Take Out came by to talk about her restaurant and her faature on the Muskegon Channel called "Lunch Date with Mari" and Ruth and Max Bloomquist wrapped it all up for us with some great folk music!  One of Muskegon's longest and best musical acts!

We mentioned that we clock ourselves, we also take a great deal of pride in how it all looks, sounds and plays...so....enjoy the show from Burl and Sprig on demand here or, you can get the Muskegon Channel for your Roku or Amazon Fire TV device and watch on your big screen!


August 25th we'll be back doing it again!! Make sure you stay tuned for the lists of guests as well as the chance to get on the reserved list for seating. We give away just over a $200 prize package to an audience member reserved in advance. It also helps Burl and Sprig plan ahead a little too for staffing. We are so thankful you tuned in! Come join us live in August!


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