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We're welcoming a new sponsor to our publishing's and that's Yodel's Frozen Yogurt of Muskegon!  What better way to welcome them than with a contest that will get a lucky winner a years supply of their delicious frozen yogurt or sorbet once a week for a year?  It's as simple as this... text Yodels to 85775 and you're entered.  Simple as that.  A nice thing too is that since they are a small, local and family run company, you won't be bombarded with texts all the time, just one every other week or so to entice you in for a little savings on a great treat!


Nik Tong and his wife opened up the first Yodels Frozen Yogurt location in North Muskegon about 5 years ago after deciding it was time for them to start working for themselves instead of the "big guys".  A first venture was the Mi Photo Booth business that Nik opened and he sure hit the timing right on that one.  Right at the peak of the photo booth craze, he took the west side of the state and it was such a popular attraction for weddings and parties, they didn't even ask what the rat was for a night, they just booked them.  

The need for a frozen yogurt location in Muskegon was spurred on by having to travel to Grand Haven or another surrounding community to enjoy some, so why not try to provide the treat to Muskegon?  The other great concept....stay open year round!  Both Yodels locations in the area are open even when all the ice cream shops throw in the towel and put the boards up for the winter.  My sweet tooth goes nowhere in the snow.  Add in some other menu options...these new Boba drinks are a huge hit!  Boba lemonade is served at Yodels and the little balls in the drink burst in your mouth upon arrival through the straw and it's not only a taste sensation, it's a palate pleasing experience with the bubbly delivery!  As they grew, along came the ability to cater to festivals and food truck events, they can also show up at your employee get together or family reunion and provide the delicious and fun experience right there on the spot. 

What was one of those moments where the Tong's said "Let's see what happens" has turned into a delicious way to fold into the culinary community and extend that flavor and fun to more than just their brick and mortar locations.  Take a listen.



There ya go! Get that phone out and text away!! Yodels to 85775 and it could be you in for a years worth of delicious Froyo or sorbet!  It's a fun way to stay in touch with one of those local business we all go on and on about supporting and if they want to load you up with a free year of yummy stuff, send it in.  Stop in and see them in the Park Row Plaza on Norton right by Pints and Quarts or on Holton Road in North Muskegon right by Lefty and Romos.  You'll also find the Yodels street team out at the festivals and food truck rallies, so cool on off with something flavorful this summer!!  Our thanks to Nik for the story and for coming on board as a sponsor of the Muskegon Channel.  


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