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When you see a dog, if you are like most people, your very first instinct is to want to go up and become that squishy, mushy love them all "WHO'S  A GOOD DOG" person.  If you're a kid...it's even more of a desire to run up and get some love.  Pets are just that.  Love.  But what if a particular pet is reactive or just happens to be startled in the moment?  It could get bad quick, and Jodi Jarvis-Therrian is talking about the risks associated with a pets reaction.  It can be really bad for the pet. 


Education is key when it comes to making sure that you don't set your pet up to fail.  Since pets can't understand the interactive rules as best as people, it's on us to help kinds understand things like how to approach a dog, where to make an initial point of contact or what might be considered a threat to a dog with a facial expression or gesture.  Also, the importance of asking in advance if the pet can be touched.  Is the pet a service dog?  Do kids understand the difference there?  

It's not an overly complicated show this week.  It's the simple reminders and best practices really.  They are important lessons and reminders.  Dog Blessed is brought to you by Clock's Timeless Pets, Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven and the CBD Store of Michigan.   


See? The occasional reminder can prevent the worst case scenario.  Jodi's passion is for people and pet's to live their best lives together.  If it's a matter of reminders like this or, maybe it's some more detailed training, that's what Dog Blessed is all about.  Next week, a super cool big huge announcement that's going to assure pets are cared for for generations right here on Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel.

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