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It's been a summer of comebacks to say the least.  Everyone got busy doing everything all over the place and since summer goes will into October anymore, let's keep the hammer down right?  In Grand Haven there's one MAJOR send off to the summer however and you're invited to live out some musical memories in an atmosphere that you will never forget.


Remember the days when gramma would drag you to the Musical Fountain because it was the most beautiful thing ever?  Well, it's still pretty nice...even new and improved since then but in front of it now is also a beautiful new outdoor amphitheater that has a back drop not found many places in the world.  The Lynne Sherwood Waterfront Stadium sits on the channel right across from the Musical Fountain display and has hosted a series of concerts over the summer that we at the Muskegon Channel have been proud to be a part of.  They conclude on August 18th with John Waite and Ambrosia for all of the fans of incredible power pop rock from the late 70's and early 80's.  CLICK HERE for tickets

A founding member of The Baby's.  John Waite has been an icon of the rock world since.  When The Baby's called it quits, John seemed to think..."Thanks, that was fun" and that his time in the spotlight was over, but an incredible solo career followed along with a "supergroup" called Bad English which had a couple of hits in the 90's with members from The Baby's, Journey and more.  Back to his solo career now, and writing music as incredible as ever, John is still remarkably relevant in his writing and musical style and with a biographical documentary on the way, a new EP of originals and a new collection of greatest hits at the JOHN WAITE online shop... the idea that John Waite is anything but one of the all time best is beneath all thoughts.

Does this lead up sound a little biased?  Ok, you got me.  Just before the cameras rolled, I took a minute for myself.  I laid it right out for John and told him that he was essentially one of the most perfect memories I have as a music fan.  When I was only 9 or 10, The Baby's were EVERYWHERE and even still today, their songs have remined as powerful and meaningful to me if not more so.  It kind of leads into shared stories of our careers, some of those who had good influences and some of those we look at and laugh at today, because here we still are.....and they are otherwise employed in wonderful fields that are not the most awesome job in the world. HA!  WE win.  Take a listen.  Stick around at the end too to hear John's new single "Anything"


It's going to be an unforgettable night.  Decades of hits from both John Waite and Ambrosia while the sun sets over Grand Haven.  The glistening water, the warm breeze and the fun that is summer 2022.  Get your tickets while you can and plan on joining us.  August 18th...Grand Haven here we come!  GET TICKETS TO THE SHOW!



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