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Parties in the Park!  Muskegon's way of turning a beer tent into a fundraiser!  It's been going on for decades and it's an all encompassing evening of fun for all ages!  We've been so happy to share the story of what the purpose of the party is for this season because it's really a model for any other city to follow anywhere else in the world.  Find a few of the non profits in the area.  Find a few sponsors that can help off set the costs of bands and infrastructure to put on a party.  Find some food trucks and a sound guy and BOOM!


This week, one of the awesome things happening is that the beneficiary is equally benevolent when it comes to the care of the little furry friends that we rely on for so much in our lives.  The Pay it Forward Animal Clinic is the non profit who will be providing the volunteers to staff the party as well as reap the benefits.  Pay it Forward was established 14 years ago to take care of the pets people have in the area regardless of their income.  It's been a labor of love that we began following with Dr. Sandi Strandberg way back when on Positively Muskegon.  She had a mobile clinic, but the calling was telling her to provide for those who couldn't provide for themselves.  A calling of the highest magnitude really.  She took the leap of faith and began making sure that the companions of those most in need had the best possible care no matter what the financial situation was for their owner.  It's 100% representative of Muskegon and how we take care of one another.

We're joined this week by Alexis Robertson who is the Executive Director of the Muskegon Humane Society.  This week, they will be making an announcement at Parties in the Park about their organizations.  It's going to be a great night to be in Hackley Park, but for now, we're at Pay it Forward on West Sherman to catch up and learn a little more.  


Think of the genius that goes into Parties in the Park!  Not only do we have a weekly gathering spot to catch up on all things between friends and neighbors, we get to benefit purposeful causes that add to the quality of life for all of us...and this week, even those among us who like to have our belly scratched and a hit of cat nip once in a while!!  We'll plan on seeing you at Party in the Park Downtown Muskegon Friday night August 5th.

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