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We're an old city on the rebound.  We're a city steeped in tradition and change and we're a city that's tough as nails.  Quit doesn't even get mentioned around here.  From the investigations that Marie Cisneros has undertaken too, quit might just not mean in life either in Muskegon.  She's dug deep and found 13 places in and around Muskegon notable enough to get her first book published by The History Press.


Marie is a fan of all things that are unidentifiable, different or "weird".  She's worked with MUFON in the past with UFO sightings and took a leave from her work with us here at the Muskegon Channel where she came to us with the concept of doing a few stories on some of the more different things around town or some of the people who might lean toward hanging out in a grave yard at night just to see what happens.  Her show "Paranormal Muskegon" was a big enough draw that Marie doubled down on he offerings and brought back Astrology readings on "Muskegon by the Stars" once a month.  Hey, if you follow the Zodiac or not, it's things like this that are missing from the traditional media today...features, editorials. accents and highlights....hmm....maybe we're on to something.

A little time off kinda sounded like maybe Marie was thinking she'd gotten bored with it, and the pandemic didn't help matters much either with the ability to get out and see paranormally things....so....off to writing she went, and I kinda figured it was fun while it lasted.  Last week. "Andy - The book is done....when can we get going on it?"

Now, and NOW!  It's one of our key purposes here to advance our people and community.  Write that book and let's sell some copies!!  Let's do book signings, let's get you on tv....THIS IS WHAT WE ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF MAKING MEDIA FOR!!  Got a little carried away there.

A quick skim through the book and some of the stories for Muskegon area residents should be somewhat familiar while others, you may know nothing about.  One thing is for sure....it's an amazing collection of lore from Muskegon and you need a copy for your collection.  As the work begins to get them on the shelves of local stores, you can find them here on AMAZON.  You can also find a copy at Barnes and Noble in Muskegon. 

Marie and I caught up a little today, on the day of her book release and got up to speed on Haunted Muskegon.  Take a listen.


We're so excited for Marie!!  Stay tuned for details about book signings and when and where you can get a copy.  I will tell you this.  She'll be at the next Muskegon Tonight Live at Burl and Sprig in Downtown Muskegon on August 25th!  If you can't wait for a copy, grab one on Amazon and get to reading!!  Marie will be back soon with more Paranormal Muskegon and Muskegon by the Stars....provided she's not doing all the big talk shows by then....which she should be, she's pretty awesome.

haunted muskegon pic