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As the world returns to "normal", like it was all that "normal" to begin with, some of what's been missing starts to show itself more and more and in my personal case, part of that is music.  Those who get in to the world of music are taking an enormous endeavor on.  It's an entire universe out there in the music world.  The "dreamer" who at one point wants to make music, record songs and maybe one day become a performer on the biggest stages?  .00001%.  It's an ugly number but it's the reality and if you complicate that with some of the pitfalls and people who will gladly push you in to them along the way, it's an easy dream to let go of.....unless.....


How about a different approach to introductory music work?  A festival centered around singers and song writers that's being put on by someone who's self taught after finding a guitar, a tuning fork and a Beatles album?  So is the story of Dan Terry of Rockford who began his music life in the church choir like so many do.  As time went on he found that guitar and not only taught himself how to play it.  A love of songwriting came along but so did the realization of the daunting number of .00001%.  Like many others, a career with a "hobby" of music ensued, but Dan as a music hobbyist took it on a little higher level and engaged with people in the places like Nashville, NYC and more to network and grow and as he's in a semi retired position now, he's bringing those contacts right here to be a part of a festival to help others and entertain along the way.  

The West Michigan Songwriters Festival is happening at the Blythefield Country Club in Rockford on August 26th and 27th.  Dan will be bringing in big names from Nashville to speak to a song writers workshop and there will be two nights of performances at the Club.  One of the biggest names coming will be Steve Leslie who's list of those he's worked with is a who's who of Nashville and they will be performing songs they have written for artists like  Alan Jackson, Lee Ann Womack, Luke Bryan, Reba McEntire, George Strait, Darius Rucker, Trisha Yearwood, Little Big Town, and many others!  It's going to be a super fun couple of days with an emphasis on helping others make a step up toward what they dream of.

Dan found a couple of minutes this morning to join me to talk about his passion and how he's sharing it with others and breaking down some barriers to get access to some bigger names in the industry for West Michigan musicians.  Take a listen.


Like a lot of endeavors, inspiration and perspiration are a given but a nudge in the right direction has never hurt anyone either.  To even get to the the point Dan did and realize that what can be a good hobby can be so much more with just a tiny bit more willingness to meet some people, hear when it took for them to take a step and to hear some of the final product of what they've done too can't be a bad way to cap it all off and send you out inspired!  For $25 bucks, you really can't go wrong either.  An intimate gathering where you'll have this kind of access to some of the top writers in the country.....carpe diem.  

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