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It's been the summer of the return of all the good stuff including Parties in the Park in Hackley Park on Friday nights.  Our weekly gathering spot to meet up, catch up fill up and chill out.  We've been blessed with beautiful weather, great crowds and plenty of amazing entertainment over the season and more over, we've been able to get back to the business of helping our local non profit organizations with an event designed to provide some entertainment and fun.


In week 7, JCI of Greater Muskegon is the organization of focus and they will be manning the roles needed to get the beer poured, sell some tickets and take care of the park as the evening unfolds.  From their website -  "The JCI Greater Muskegon (Junior Chamber International) is a chapter of the JCI -- a nonprofit organization not affiliated with any particular religion or political party. Comprised of young active citizens age 21 to 40 who are engaged and committed to creating impact in their communities. Active citizens are individuals invested in the future of our world. JCI gathers active citizens from all sectors of society. We develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions and take action.  Our programs emphasize the development of the individual member’s leadership and managerial skills through the running of projects that benefit our community and the JCI movement as a whole. As a member our chapter, you will also be a member of the Michigan JCI organization.

A lot of amazing work goes in an on in Muskegon through JCI.  Snowfest.  The St. Patrick's Day Parade, Lakeshore Art Festival, Parties in the Park and more.  It's a chance for development of young people in ways that they can learn the importance of community and still keep a fun atmosphere in their work.  Making a difference is really what it's all about and finding those who are like minded and forward thinking to pitch in is a win in every direction.

Emily Morgenstern met up with me to talk about JCI.  Emily is a stand out Muskegon story.  Her roots are deep with her parents work here over the years, but like most...the big city came calling.  Home, after all is Muskegon and after dipping her toe in the water outside of town, she brought the knowledge back to take care of home and now helps hone others with her role at JCI as well as the Chamber which is her "day job".  Take a listen to her talking about JCI.  See if it's for you and it nothing else, know who's inviting you down to Hackley Park on Friday night at 5!


Ok, so it's time to come clean. I was never a member of JCI but I have an observation about their work.  One of the key elements of success is a feeling of belonging.  In an organization like JCI gives those who are looking for that kid of support a foundation to build upon with peers who are also seeking to advance, learn and grow.  The working world today is pretty competitive, yes, even here in Muskegon and building relationships that last bot in and out of professional settings is essential.  If you are a young person and looking to find a way to develop and be better...a visit to a JCI meeting can't hurt, or stop by their information tent this Friday at Hackley Park and find out some more! 

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