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If you're an advocate for animals, and I have yet to come across someone in Muskegon who isn't, and you've not yet heard of "Ride to the Rescue", well 2022 is the year you're hearing about it and if you are riding a motorcycle, in a car, van, SUV, limousine, tractor trailer, modified school bus or retired army jeep...you need to be in on this event that's been going on for 9 years and raises money for area animal shelters!


Booyah's Ride to the Rescue is an event designed with everyone in mind who'd like to spend a day doing the right thing for our area shelters while enjoying the company of friends and family, some very picturesque locations around the county.  It wraps up at Legend's in Downtown Muskegon where I met up with Jason Bronold and Mike Johnsen to get the scoop at Legends.  


From the take of at Booyah's out through the picturesque ag country of Muskegon county, it's a run that's set up to be done as a group, as an individual or in a smaller group as you choose.  It's really up to you as to how you'd like to spend the day.  It's really about the purpose anyway and while the focus is usually on one individual shelter, the awesome thing about the Ride to the Rescue event helps multiple.  They are, Noah Project, Pound Buddies, Muskegon Humane Society, and Cat Tales  Understandably so....they have a lofty goal of making $20,000 for the shelters on Sept 11th.  It's an amazing amount and will go a long way to help those who are in need.

Let's take a moment here however and reflect on the 9 years of this event and the sustained growth.  Sure, even with the pandemic over the last couple of years things got a little softer for this and every other event, but the supporters remined.  It's the work that goes into an event like this that draws the loyalty and purpose and the team of people committed to making it happen that keep participants engaged.  Throw in the towel over the inability to do what they had always done?  Not a chance.  The organizers of Ride to the Rescue found ways to work within what they had to and keep it going.  They are also finding ways to help support local small business and on top of that, build loyalty to their business as well as others who see that making sure taking care of shelter pets is important.  10 years ago, when it was an idea...who knew what could come of this?  10 years from now....what can it be?  It can be anything...and with the way Muskegon continues to grow and our need to be unique in how we benefit the causes that are important to us....there's no better place anywhere that Muskegon to begin with a dream that turns into "How it's done".  Ride to the Rescue seems to have found their way on that "How it's Done" path and the future is limitless.  

If you'd like to be a part of the fun that REGISTRATION LINK we talked about in the video is right there.  You can also find it in the image below.  Taking care of each other is what we do.  That extends right down into our pets and an event to help out so many places all at once...giving you the experience of enjoying the entire county and being able to do it all your way?  Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday in Muskegon.  

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