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Cosmopolitan Under the Stars.  Sounds fancy doesn't it?  It is.  An elegant evening that's been in the plan since January and the idea of it is that togetherness can come from the experiences we share through food and culture, art, attire and flair!  Yes, we are walking headlong into celebrating everything that makes us unique to find out what we all have in common.  Truth of it all is we're really a lot closer than we are far a part. 


The idea of Brianna Scott, Will Roberson, Kaja Thornton-Hunter, Henrietta Hadley, and Tamara Jackson Gatewood this kind of evening is new to Muskegon, but it's inspired by a very metropolitan and big city vibe where diversity is the norm and learning a little more about one another is paramount to making things work.  LaKisha Harris is one of the featured Chef's Saturday and Henrietta Hadley joined us too at the Sweet Spot in the Culinary Institute of Michigan of Baker College in Downtown Muskegon to talk about the event.


Food from all over the world will be served, talked about and presented in an artful way that helps people interact. With options for cuisine from as far away as Ghana and as deeply rooted as Soul Food in America the palate won't go away un pleased.  This was an invite only event as a first time try.  To get the legs under an event like this with a group of visionaries like mentioned...it's a great start.  If you recall, not long ago we had a "Love Lives Here" campaign going through Muskegon after a pretty awful incident.  Brianna Scott was heavily involved in the organization of that and has assembled this group of truly community minded people to get this event under way in Muskegon.

It's an upscale affair, make no mistake.  As I look back over my time here, and the time I spent growing up in Sparta and visiting here....it's time.  We are a fun town, no doubt about it.  Living here and working here at the depths I do...I am also very comfortable in saying that we all can do better in our getting along.  We're good...I am not here lecturing or anything and yes...we're committed to putting our money where our mouth is about walking the walk with who we are in Muskegon.  We're not all the same.  That's an incredible gift.  Things that keep us a part?  Roads?  Zip codes?  City signs? Skin colors?  Those are the imagination based things.  Muskegon "Where Love Lives" is really home and it's where we all really need to walk toward, because when we get there....there's a big Cosmopolitan Under the Stars gathering waiting for us.  I am all for watching us go there.